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Christmas is Coming

It’s been seven weeks since the end of apple season, now two weeks until Christmas. The glow has come off holiday seasons. It’s not that I’ve become all grinchy, hidden away in a darkened lair while neighbors illuminate their homes … Continue reading

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Farmers Talk Land Use

The room was packed for the Johnson County Board of Supervisors public hearing on the County’s comprehensive plan. Current and would-be farmers were present and spoke about their profession. The hearing took two and a half hours. Supervisors have been … Continue reading

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Summer Weekend

Dan and I visited the Ciha Fen Preserve across the Cedar River in Johnson County on Saturday. “The Ciha Fen Preserve is a sand prairie/savanna complex on a wind-deposited sand ridge,” according to mycountyparks.com. “It contains the Ciha Fen, which … Continue reading

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Hope in Solon

Yesterday’s election of Lauren Whitehead to the Solon City Council represents a turning point in local political activism. Whitehead campaigned diligently in an environment where city residents sought to become more active in politics after the 2016 general election. What … Continue reading

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Pelicans Left

Pelicans left Lake Macbride this week. They were gone when I drove across Mehaffey Bridge Road on Monday. Have they depleted the fish stocks and gone to better hunting grounds? Did they detect something in nature that triggered migration? I … Continue reading

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Defining Community

Each of us defines community through our engagement in society. Whether participation is passive, active, or in between, our lives and how we live them contribute in a meaningful way to how we live with others in a community. Not … Continue reading

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Solidarity Rally Sunday, Feb. 5

Dear Iowa community organizers, In these challenging times, we urge Iowans to come together and speak out against the recent bigotry and hate towards immigrants and refugees. Organizing in support of these groups ensures we are a more united and … Continue reading

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