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Independence Day 2019

Happy Independence Day… reluctantly. I’ve not been a fan of the Independence Day holiday since military service. It’s not that I paid much attention to it previously. As a military officer I had time to reflect on the meaning of … Continue reading

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Marianne Williamson Close to Home

About 11:15 a.m. I left the garden and drove Ely Blacktop to 76th Street and headed West to Cedar Hall on the main campus of Kirkwood Community College where presidential candidate Marianne Williamson joined State Senator Rob Hogg in a … Continue reading

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Earth Day – 2019

A thin haze dimmed reflected light from the moon. Thin enough to allow dots of starlight to penetrate the atmosphere and with moonlight illuminate the neighborhood. The haze was just enough to know it was there. I moved trays of … Continue reading

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Flooding in Late Winter

The amount of snow and ice melt in the Midwest is monumental. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds issued disaster proclamations for 41 counties because of flooding (Click on the map to see details). News photographs show Offutt Air Force Base in … Continue reading

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Used Book Sale and Other Necessities

Yesterday was the annual used book sale at our library. In addition to clearing the stacks of unpopular or outdated books, the community donates books, media and labor to manage the sale. Each item is reasonably priced and this year’s … Continue reading

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Zach Wahls Solon Listening Post

SOLON, Iowa — Snow began to fall about 10 a.m., an hour before the scheduled legislative listening post with our State Senator Zach Wahls. By the time I got to the community center, about three inches of fluff was on … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse

Refracted light creating a reddish-orange hue on the moon’s surface looked pretty cool last night. It was an event to remember, one that transcended daily life. It drew many of us together with a shared experience. In the eclipse it … Continue reading

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