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Unexpected Monday

Monday didn’t happen as expected. There were three things involving arborists, health care and farming. Without announcement, the arborist arrived to take down a maple tree I planted on the northwest corner of the house. Turns out I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Earth Day – 2019

A thin haze dimmed reflected light from the moon. Thin enough to allow dots of starlight to penetrate the atmosphere and with moonlight illuminate the neighborhood. The haze was just enough to know it was there. I moved trays of … Continue reading

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Burning Brush in the Carbon Cycle

Is burning brush good for the environment? As a gardener I burn brush on a garden plot a couple times a year, rotating the burns on each of seven plots over time. The idea is the mass of the brush … Continue reading

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50th Earth Day Coming Up

I looked in the recycling bin and there were only eight items in it. Thursday is our day to leave the bin at the end of our driveway and I’m going to wait until next week. It’s not that we’re … Continue reading

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Long Tail of Carbon Emissions

Earlier this century India and China decided to build fleets of coal-fired power plants as their citizenry entered a world most Americans and Europeans already knew for its modernity and comparative affluence. The two populous states required more electricity. Carbon … Continue reading

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Climate Change, Roundabouts and Retail Stores

During a tour of my usual spots to observe flooding it doesn’t look as bad as it has. In 2008, the flood waters came to within 100 yards of our home before receding. We are nowhere near that now. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Starting Spring

It felt good to be outdoors on Friday. The sky was clear and temperatures warmed enough to shed my coat. Green-up has begun. We filed our income taxes with the Iowa Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service. Earlier … Continue reading

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