Journey Home. Isn’t that where we are always heading?

This blog is an attempt to make sense of a life through writing and photographs. During the coronavirus pandemic I retired from outside paid work and began posting here almost daily.

Read my most popular post Autobiography in 1,000 Words to learn more about me.

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3 replies on “About”

We are new garlic farmers in Colorado. I would love to learn more about your garlic harvesting, sorting and curing set up. It’s very interesting. As we need to decide what method to use and prepare it now during the slow season.Please contact me through Messenger, Facebook or give me a way to contact you. Thank you.


Kathy, Thanks for reading my blog. I have worked at a local CSA for the last five years and all of the garlic produced is either distributed to members or used for seed. The farm plants in the fall, although garlic can be planted in the spring as well. The best resource for you is to explore Practical Farmers of Iowa. If you join, there are discussion groups where you can learn which members use which techniques regarding garlic. They have a lot more expertise than I do, and they may be aware of a similar group closer to where you live. Whatever methods you use, start recruiting volunteers now as it takes a lot of people to plant, harvest and weed. Best wishes for your new endeavor. Regards, Paul


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