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Issues Come Home to Roost

In September I asserted we should be working to stop nuclear weapons and protect the environment. A year into Trump’s first term it’s clear I understated this need. The Trump administration rolled out it’s nuclear posture review and oh brother. … Continue reading

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Solon City Council Steps Up

The City of Solon acted as a good neighbor on Dec. 20 when its city council voted 4-1 to provide water to Gallery Acres West, a subdivision three miles west of the city. The subdivision sought water service to help … Continue reading

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Watching it Rain

I’m sitting in the back of my pickup truck, the tailgate is down. Gentle summer rain is falling. The tips of my toes are getting wet but I don’t mind. We need the rain. In Des Moines political parties are … Continue reading

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Shotgun Season

Today is the first day of shotgun deer season. Until Dec. 17 Iowa shows its culture in tradition-laden, bloody and violent detail. The deer population needs culling. The damage they do in nature and on farms goes mostly unnoticed by … Continue reading

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Armistice Day at Home

Most of Armistice Day was at home. The forecast had been rain, however, a clear fall day unfolded and I planted garlic. Pushing cloves into the ground with my thumb and index finger, I made two rows and covered them … Continue reading

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Arsenic in the Water

Water is life. We take its quality for granted if the source is a public water system. Consumers rely on drinking water standards developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and enforced by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Where … Continue reading

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September Has Been a Pisser

Last week was stressful as Hurricane Irma passed through central Florida over our daughter’s home. They boarded the windows, sandbagged the doors and laid in water and shelf stable food for when the electricity went out. “The whole house has … Continue reading

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