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Freezing Rain and a Green New Deal

Ice turned to mush as rain fell Thursday morning. The surfaces of Lake Macbride and the Coralville Lake appeared to remain frozen as I drove on Mehaffey Bridge Road. When I arrived at the home, farm and auto supply store … Continue reading

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Out of the Polar Vortex

The ambient temperature is 45 degrees, a 73 degree swing since early Thursday morning. Warming is part of the polar vortex, just as the cold was. Temperatures are forecast to return closer to normal after tomorrow. I had planned to … Continue reading

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Dealing with Cold Temperatures

Images depicting ambient temperature reports have been ubiquitous on social media the last few days. According to the Weather Channel, temperatures plummet to 25 degrees below zero by Tuesday thanks to a polar vortex. It’s what I’ve been waiting for … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse

Refracted light creating a reddish-orange hue on the moon’s surface looked pretty cool last night. It was an event to remember, one that transcended daily life. It drew many of us together with a shared experience. In the eclipse it … Continue reading

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Stability Should Matter

Between three and four inches of snow fell overnight. It’s still coming down. I have 80 feet of driveway and a shovel to deal with when the sun comes up. The first buckets of salt and sand were emptied yesterday — … Continue reading

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A Winter Sort

A majority of the garden seeds wait in a corner on the lower level of our home. I cleared a sorting table and next month will plant celery and kale at the first greenhouse shift. There is no immediate need … Continue reading

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Day to Day Politics

Last June I broke publicly from our state representative Bobby Kaufmann and endorsed Democratic candidate Jodi Clemens for House District 73 in a letter to the editor of the Solon Economist. With a circulation of less than 1,000 weekly copies, … Continue reading

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