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Presidential Coat Rack – Republicans

Like a coat rack in the back hallway of our childhood home I hang memories on each of the American presidents who held office since graduating from high school. The worn hooks are Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald … Continue reading

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Hard Break from Autumn

A hard break from autumn accompanied last week’s snowfall. Outdoors there is garden clean up, raking leaves, and another mowing to be done, however, we’ve turned mostly inside. A main issue has been determining how to get exercise without an … Continue reading

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Farmers Came to Town

The soybean harvest was disrupted by snowfall. Several inches fell in the last 48 hours. Farmers came to town, including to the home, farm and auto supply store. It will be a wet crop, propane prices are already higher. The … Continue reading

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October Snow

What should we make of Tuesday’s October snowfall? Not much, I guess. It was another day in the neighborhood, where melting snow delayed yard and garden work, and a final mowing with grass clipping collection. It’s unclear whether further mowing … Continue reading

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Writing About the School Board Election

Today’s edition of the Solon Economist hasn’t been posted on line. The paper copy will arrive with the letter carrier late today, although I may try to find one on the way to my shift at the home, farm and … Continue reading

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Cavorting with the Crew

Over the weekend ten former members of our high school stage crew gathered for a reunion at a private home in Coal Valley, Ill. I made apple crisp from backyard apples, picked up some sweet cider and a host gift … Continue reading

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First Frost

Daylight remained as I drove into the driveway after a shift at the orchard. If the garden appeared scorched by the previous night’s first frost, some tomato plants survived and the kale looked resilient. The weather forecast is a couple … Continue reading

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