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Heat is Here

I stood outside in early morning darkness where there was a refreshing yet decidedly warm breeze. The overnight low was 80 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m not sure if that’s warm enough to hinder apple production but scientists believe at some point … Continue reading

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Sunny Day in Iowa

Each time I walk on the state park trail there are different wildflowers in bloom. Today’s offering was some of my favorites. After returning from the day’s exercise, I mowed the front yard and couldn’t make out the line where … Continue reading

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Hot Weather Harvest

On a fine summer day conditions were perfect to harvest hay and garlic. My CSA friends recruited volunteers to bring in the garlic and across the county farmers were baling hay in large round and small rectangular bales. On Independence … Continue reading

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Can Educationism Solve Anything?

Blaming the woes of society on our K-12 education system is a habit I need to break. In the post below the target was a failure to teach children about their responsibilities when signing student loan papers. A high school … Continue reading

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Independence Day 2019

Happy Independence Day… reluctantly. I’ve not been a fan of the Independence Day holiday since military service. It’s not that I paid much attention to it previously. As a military officer I had time to reflect on the meaning of … Continue reading

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Living in the Anthropocene

The combination of advancing age and a world heated by human-made global warming has me looking for ways to cope. When temperatures are forecast above 90 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity I get my outside work done early then head … Continue reading

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Pushing Age’s Envelope and the Debate

Wednesday I worked outside for five hours at the home, farm and auto supply store. As temperatures reached toward 85 degrees, a colleague and I consolidated the remaining plants and supplies and opened up traffic flow where the garden center … Continue reading

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