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Soft Landing

It’s been 30 days since retirement and I’m up to my old tricks. Like a hungry dog, I see things and want to be a part of them. “I’ll do this,” I say to myself and others. I run the … Continue reading

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Feel the Breeze

I’d rather have spent both of this week’s days at the home, farm and auto supply store in our garden. Temperatures were warm enough to work in shirtsleeves and the garden is way behind. Outdoors tasks occupied my work day: … Continue reading

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Spring Burn Pile

Part of yesterday was spent outside — in the garden, working compost, cleaning buckets, collecting the bits of drainage tile used to support celery plants, tending the garlic, planting turnips and radishes. Using a bag of shredded office paper and … Continue reading

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Spring Reset

We’re behind at the greenhouses. The high tunnel is fully planted. The ground is too cold for transplants. Cooler temperatures retard growth of fledgling vegetable sprouts. There is no place to go with the trays of lettuce, kale and greens … Continue reading

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Wanting to Wake Up

At retirement plus 19 days I thought I’d be more productive. Yesterday, after a shift at my desk and an hour-long visit with a neighbor and a team of surveyors, I took a nap… with long, deep sleep. Groggy when … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee, Climate Change and the 2018 Midterms

I first drank coffee in the Army… on top of a hill… during the dead of winter… from a mermite can. Steam rising from the lid proved irresistible when ambient temperatures were below zero and we had just slept on … Continue reading

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Healing in Big Grove

A thick, wet snow blanketed the landscape overnight. Being a lifelong Iowan, driving on snowy roads across the lakes to today’s political convention shouldn’t be an issue if I take it slowly. I am on the arrangements committee and have … Continue reading

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