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Sunny Day in Iowa

Each time I walk on the state park trail there are different wildflowers in bloom. Today’s offering was some of my favorites. After returning from the day’s exercise, I mowed the front yard and couldn’t make out the line where … Continue reading

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Independence Day 2019

Happy Independence Day… reluctantly. I’ve not been a fan of the Independence Day holiday since military service. It’s not that I paid much attention to it previously. As a military officer I had time to reflect on the meaning of … Continue reading

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Pushing Age’s Envelope and the Debate

Wednesday I worked outside for five hours at the home, farm and auto supply store. As temperatures reached toward 85 degrees, a colleague and I consolidated the remaining plants and supplies and opened up traffic flow where the garden center … Continue reading

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We’ve Gotten All Climate-Changey

We have a problem with climate change. I don’t intend to get alarmist on fair readers with dire predictions of the end of the world as we know it. Even though doomsday stories are quite popular, and climate science is, … Continue reading

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On a Holiday Weekend

A brilliant, partly-cloudy sky hung over the landscape as I made my way east on Interstate 80. Rain broke long enough to allow a trip to Davenport to visit Mom and a friend I met in grade school. Mother insisted … Continue reading

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2019 Summer Reading

The myth of relaxing on a towel at a beach, sunglasses and sunscreen on, reading a book may not exist for most of us in Iowa. The beach nearest us has been closed in recent seasons because of the risk … Continue reading

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Memory of South Georgia

My memory of South Georgia is specific. I don’t know if it’s real. As a child, our family drove from Iowa to visit Tallahassee, Florida, the place Father lived after re-uniting with his father after Grandfather’s release from prison. For … Continue reading

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