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Getting Across the Line

Can low income workers and retirees afford social media? The conclusion I’m coming to is no. Social media has served to engage me in writing brief posts, in collecting news, and from time to time, in chatting with friends and … Continue reading

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Taking Stock

We’re prepping for our annual inventory at the home, farm and auto supply store. That means counting and labeling everything in the warehouse, and getting every possible item to the sales floor where hired staff can count it and customers … Continue reading

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Sleeping In, Waking Up, What Next?

It’s 48 days until full retirement and I can’t wait to let loose from the lowly paid work that has sustained us for over two years. Completely ceasing work is not now, nor will it ever be in the cards. … Continue reading

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Sixty Nine Days

It’s sixty nine days until what I hope is my last day of work at the home, farm and auto supply store… and “full retirement.” The paradigm upon which we based our life in Big Grove shifted. We settled here … Continue reading

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2018 and Beyond

“Each moment is different from any before it. Each moment is different, it’s now.”~ Incredible String Band Best wishes for a happy 2018! The ambient temperature is 23 degrees below zero outside, the kind of winter we expect in the … Continue reading

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Five Jumps and a Good Mechanic

One of my work buddies is a mechanic and Vietnam veteran. He was a mechanic during the war although it’s his brother who now operates an auto shop in the county seat. He is active in the American Legion and … Continue reading

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After the Season

This year a group of Ukrainians with temporary work visas joined us at the orchard. They were hard-working and fun to be around. Their contracted wage far exceeds the $185 per month they can earn in Ukraine from their trained … Continue reading

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