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Day to Day Politics

Last June I broke publicly from our state representative Bobby Kaufmann and endorsed Democratic candidate Jodi Clemens for House District 73 in a letter to the editor of the Solon Economist. With a circulation of less than 1,000 weekly copies, … Continue reading

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Returning to the Trail

I view trail hiking with trepidation. Since entering a low-wage work world a few years ago, where standing for long shifts on concrete floors contributed to plantar fasciitis, I haven’t jogged and reduced the amount of trail hiking I do. … Continue reading

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‘I’ve got mine’ is not enough

Our town has a bustling Main Street thanks to smart investments by the city council and willing businessmen and women. Shops serve basic needs: hair styling, hardware, groceries, fuel and insurance. There are plenty of restaurants. The newspaper is located … Continue reading

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Haying and the School Board Election

Haying is a social and economic movement and around here farming takes precedence over schooling. There’s a school board election Sept. 12 in farm country. Farmers are buying 9,000-foot spools of Brazilian baler twine, windrow teeth, left and right handed … Continue reading

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News from the Lake

LAKE MACBRIDE— A steady rain fell and continued through the night, providing respite for the weary and sound sleep. Having thought I would retreat from society on a day mostly off work, it proved to be impossible, beginning with the … Continue reading

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Frida Kahlo Mexican Restaurant and Lucy’s Bakery

SOLON— Frida Kahlo Mexican Restaurant and Lucy’s Bakery is open and the tres leches cake is delicious. A friend and I stopped for afternoon coffee, and if the interior was reminiscent of previous restaurants in the space, the food was … Continue reading

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Friday at the Town Festival

SOLON— The hay bale rises above the crowd to clear the bar. Main Street is packed for the hay bay toss— a farm-related activity in a festival put on where traditional farming, matters. Bingo has begun, a band with a … Continue reading

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