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Outside The Comfort Zone

In an effort to get outside my comfort zone I tried something new. I went to a media event called “Pints and Politics” at the Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery in Swisher Thursday after my shift at the home, farm … Continue reading

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Making Applesauce

I asked our chief apple officer the following question: “If I wanted to win a blue ribbon for making applesauce at the state fair which apples, available now, would I use?” His answer was straightforward. “Use Viking because it’s one … Continue reading

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Logic, Reason, Decency and Asbestos

Almost no one I know outside of politics is talking about the Nov. 6 election. That seems typical… and okay. Most of us try to be organized. At least we pretend to be. We seek to live lives of logic, … Continue reading

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Gardening in End Times

I’ve been a gardener since we got married. We planted a few tomatoes near the duplex we rented in Iowa City the spring after the wedding. As we lived our lives, raised our daughter, and sought economic stability, we either … Continue reading

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We’re Going Home — Donald Kaul

We knew Donald Kaul had prostate cancer and it spread to his bones. He’d been ill for a number of years but after this diagnosis, the prognosis was not good — we expected him to die this year and he … Continue reading

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Staycation 2018

There’s plenty to do on the property so this week will be a staycation. I took paid vacation from the home, farm and auto supply store. On day three of an eight day work hiatus, I left the property twice, … Continue reading

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Carrying the Past

We live each moment in a march of time weighed down by our past. Cognizant of what we experienced and hopeful for a future, we live lives drenched in the culture that engendered us and provided what sensibilities we have. … Continue reading

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