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Waking and the Imagination

I’m not a fan of human physiology. Given a Cartesian outlook toward life, I’d rather not think about or acknowledge my physicality even exists. Yet there it is, influencing my daily affairs in ways I don’t comprehend. The physicality of … Continue reading

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Armistice Day at Home

Most of Armistice Day was at home. The forecast had been rain, however, a clear fall day unfolded and I planted garlic. Pushing cloves into the ground with my thumb and index finger, I made two rows and covered them … Continue reading

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Potluck Beginnings

On Friday I clocked out of work at the home, farm and auto supply store for four days off in a row! I drove straight home, dumped the coleslaw I made in the morning into a bowl and mixed it … Continue reading

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Drawer of Ingredients

Our household had no shortage of fresh food this year. Barter agreements with two farms, my work at the orchard, and a garden that produces more food each year created a kitchen full of ingredients to feed the two of … Continue reading

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‘I’ve got mine’ is not enough

Our town has a bustling Main Street thanks to smart investments by the city council and willing businessmen and women. Shops serve basic needs: hair styling, hardware, groceries, fuel and insurance. There are plenty of restaurants. The newspaper is located … Continue reading

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Grit Alone Won’t Protect Local Food Systems

The marketplace of home vegetable gardens, community supported agriculture, farmers markets, road side vegetable stands, restaurants, retail interests and direct farm sales hasn’t coalesced into a sustainable local food system, and may not. One should never doubt the resilience of … Continue reading

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Apple Weekend

Best news of the week arrived Friday afternoon via email. The Cedar Rapids Gazette decided to publish my opinion piece on the local food system at risk. A writer lives for exposure to an audience and my readership will get … Continue reading

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