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Music as a Young Man

My story includes music, especially as I left home in 1970 to begin university. College began a period of adventure and learning that extended through my return to Iowa City in 1980 and subsequent marriage in 1982. In following years … Continue reading

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Music Trails

After writing yesterday’s post I located the Yamaha guitar I bought for $300 in 1970. It was under the bed, covered in dust, with two broken strings sticking out of the case. I opened it, saw the guitar was virtually … Continue reading

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Where Music Lived

During the last couple of decades the role of music in my life diminished. There was no plan, it happened on its own, without a recognizable nudge. My guitars and banjo are tucked in safe places around the house, protected … Continue reading

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Leaning Into What’s Next

The second half of 2018 has been weird. A burden was lifted when Social Security checks began to arrive a year ago. With them came a view that new undertakings were possible, unlike at any time since I returned from … Continue reading

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Fair Redistricting Makes for Fair Elections

The 2018 Midterm elections are over and I’m happy about the outcome. I live in Big Grove Precinct, nestled around Lake Macbride, and here Fred Hubbell beat Kim Reynolds by two votes of 1,107 cast in the governor’s race. Why … Continue reading

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A Place to Write

When we moved to Big Grove in 1993, the lower level of our split foyer home was unfinished. It remains so and may never be other than a storage area for extras from lives past — ours and our deceased … Continue reading

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Into the 2018 Holidays

This year’s holiday season is just beginning. I’ve been reluctant to turn the page on a year of transition and hesitate still. We’re writing a Thanksgiving Day menu together and thus far know there will be our special recipes for … Continue reading

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