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Favoring Tax Relief

I favor tax relief. The relief I favor is from worry that the state can pay its bills. Each year the Iowa Legislature and Governor are required by law to create a balanced budget. The last two years, they couldn’t … Continue reading

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Issues Come Home to Roost

In September I asserted we should be working to stop nuclear weapons and protect the environment. A year into Trump’s first term it’s clear I understated this need. The Trump administration rolled out it’s nuclear posture review and oh brother. … Continue reading

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Politics Saturday

Across the lakes in North Liberty, the first meeting of the county party’s arrangements committee will convene today at 10 a.m. Having served on platform, and with limited interest in credentials, rules and nominations, it’s the only one for me … Continue reading

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Taking Stock

We’re prepping for our annual inventory at the home, farm and auto supply store. That means counting and labeling everything in the warehouse, and getting every possible item to the sales floor where hired staff can count it and customers … Continue reading

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WYSIWYG of the Iowa Caucus

When it comes to the Iowa caucus, there’s little use pondering what might have been. Despite a winter storm that brought roughly six inches of snowfall, attendance at our precinct caucus was stronger than in previous years when the weather … Continue reading

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Brief Political Briefing

Jackie Norris spoke on behalf of her husband, Iowa gubernatorial candidate John Norris, last night at the Johnson County Democrats central committee meeting. In terms of political star quality, Norris’ light was brighter than anyone else in the room. A … Continue reading

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Politics and Real Zach Wahls

2018 will be an amazing year for Democrats, win or lose. Even so, I’ve been slow to engage, that is, until Zach Wahls announced his campaign for State Senate District 37. First I said no politics until after the June … Continue reading

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