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Democrats Ready to Unite?

Democratic presidential candidates are roaming the state like a swarm of termites seeking an entry point into an American dream. Thus far, Juli├ín Castro found his way to Solon, although to my knowledge, no one else has. This presidential election … Continue reading

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Couldn’t Face the Gumbo

I had planned gumbo for a few weeks. Yesterday was the day. Gumbo is a natural dish for our kitchen in late summer. There are plenty of onions, celery stalks, bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic and okra available from the garden. … Continue reading

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2019 Gardening Season

I want to write a nice summary of this year’s garden including successes, failures and lessons learned. Instead of crafting something usable, I visited two of the farms where I work. Knowledge lives within us more than in written words. … Continue reading

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Shared Culture by the Lake

When we moved to Big Grove Township we had expectations about building a life here. These expectations spoke to our shared culture. We built a new home, settled into the public school community and began getting to know people as … Continue reading

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Cooking in Transition

Our family cuisine is in transition. I’m hopeful for positive new menu items as summer turns to fall. My spring diagnosis of high blood sugar brought changes. Through behavior modification I’ve been able to reduce key indicators and hope to … Continue reading

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Glorious Summer of 2019

If August was a tough month, this summer has been one of the best in recent years. Moderate local temperatures with reasonable relative humidity, rain enough to help the garden grow, and friends meeting the challenge of growing flowers and … Continue reading

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Juke Box – Wide Open Spaces

I’m going on hiatus from this blog until after Sept. 9. In the meanwhile, here’s one of the songs we chose for Mom’s funeral. Hope to see you mid-September.

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