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Cavendish Banana Bread

Three bananas were going bad on the counter so I decided to make banana bread. That’s what people do, or at least did when I was still at home. These were Cavendish bananas as most commercially available ones are. They … Continue reading

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Challenges in a Local Food System

My 2013 decision to develop a barter arrangement with my friend Susan Jutz helped resolve a couple of issues. I needed the cash income plus a share of the vegetables she grew. More importantly than income, I wanted to become … Continue reading

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Saturday Luncheon – Red Beans and Rice

Preparing to cook red beans and rice has been a year-long process because most of the ingredients were produced in my garden or on farms where I work. The garden produced red beans, okra, tomatoes and celery. Local farms produced … Continue reading

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Into Winter

After I returned from a shift at the home, farm and auto supply store I scrubbed and cut up potatoes to roast for dinner. Roasted potatoes, a burger patty and frozen peas made a dinner — comfort food as winter … Continue reading

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Winter Thy Name is Denial

What does a gardener do when winter arrives? Despite the fact there’s snow on the ground, IT’S NOT WINTER! Please check back Dec. 21 for winter programming. The apple harvest is finished and priorities shifted. While our orchard’s chief apple … Continue reading

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Climate Change Plans Before the Iowa Caucuses

The climate crisis calls for us to dream big and fight hard because our future depends upon solving its underlying problems. If I sound like Elizabeth Warren, it’s because last night I heard a presentation about her plans for climate … Continue reading

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2019-2020 Winter Reading List

Ten books queued on my bedside table for winter reading: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick. What I Stand For is What I Stand On: The Collected Essays of Wendell Berry 1969 – 2017. The Wizard … Continue reading

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