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Waking and the Imagination

I’m not a fan of human physiology. Given a Cartesian outlook toward life, I’d rather not think about or acknowledge my physicality even exists. Yet there it is, influencing my daily affairs in ways I don’t comprehend. The physicality of … Continue reading

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Nothing Matters in Government

At 11:21 p.m. yesterday the U.S. Senate Finance Committee voted to pass a tax reform bill on a partisan vote, according to Senator Tim Kaine (D-Virginia). Note well, it was during the dark of night. No Congressional Budget Office scoring, … Continue reading

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Armistice Day at Home

Most of Armistice Day was at home. The forecast had been rain, however, a clear fall day unfolded and I planted garlic. Pushing cloves into the ground with my thumb and index finger, I made two rows and covered them … Continue reading

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Back to Work

The desultory nature of lowly paid work is a grind. That’s what I found yesterday upon returning to the home, farm and auto supply store after a four-day vacation. By afternoon I was ready for a nap but instead scratched … Continue reading

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Last Share at Sundog Farm

The sun set as I pulled into Sundog Farm, home of Local Harvest CSA. Eileen from Turkey Creek Orchard had just dropped off fresh aronia berries and jars of fruit jam to fill orders placed over the weekend. Farmers Carmen … Continue reading

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Vacation Days

It’s a crash landing after the apple harvest and a summer working almost every day at the orchard or the home, farm and auto supply store. Time to sleep, read and rest. Four days off work is not enough to … Continue reading

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Potluck Beginnings

On Friday I clocked out of work at the home, farm and auto supply store for four days off in a row! I drove straight home, dumped the coleslaw I made in the morning into a bowl and mixed it … Continue reading

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