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Growing a Story for the Long Haul

Monday afternoons my spouse and I devote time to organizing the household, reducing clutter, and cleaning. It’s a long-term project we do together. We schedule it on the calendar. Sometimes it means working together on a household issue. Sometimes it … Continue reading

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Memory of South Georgia

My memory of South Georgia is specific. I don’t know if it’s real. As a child, our family drove from Iowa to visit Tallahassee, Florida, the place Father lived after re-uniting with his father after Grandfather’s release from prison. For … Continue reading

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After 50 Years

Feb. 1 will mark 50 years since Father was killed in an accident at the meat packing plant. Memories of Dad have hardened into meaningful stories. I was thinking of him when I woke this morning. What I remember most … Continue reading

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Getting Started

I was born in a hospital established in 1869 by the Sisters of Mercy on Marquette Street in Davenport, Iowa. Marquette was one of the first streets laid out by city founder Antoine Le Claire. I attended Kindergarten at Thomas … Continue reading

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Defining Moments in an Iowa Life

Editor’s Note: This series of nine posts was written from Jan. 18, 2009 until March 15, 2009 as I considered my life and what else I might accomplish. They are consolidated below unedited and in the order I wrote them. … Continue reading

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On Minimum Wage

LAKE MACBRIDE— The talk of raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, as President Obama suggested in his state of the union address, is from another country. He means well, but at $10.10 per hour, a life is hardly … Continue reading

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Autobiography in 1,000 Words

LAKE MACBRIDE— At 6:56 p.m. on Dec. 28, 1951, I was born at Mercy Hospital in Davenport, Iowa to Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Deaton. Curiously, my mother’s full name is not on the birth certificate, although the attending physician, … Continue reading

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