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Couldn’t Face the Gumbo

I had planned gumbo for a few weeks. Yesterday was the day. Gumbo is a natural dish for our kitchen in late summer. There are plenty of onions, celery stalks, bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic and okra available from the garden. … Continue reading

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Shared Culture by the Lake

When we moved to Big Grove Township we had expectations about building a life here. These expectations spoke to our shared culture. We built a new home, settled into the public school community and began getting to know people as … Continue reading

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Cooking in Transition

Our family cuisine is in transition. I’m hopeful for positive new menu items as summer turns to fall. My spring diagnosis of high blood sugar brought changes. Through behavior modification I’ve been able to reduce key indicators and hope to … Continue reading

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Tomatoes on Everything!

The 2019 tomato harvest has begun. We have fresh tomatoes with every meal, for snacks, and with everything. We aren’t sick of them yet and work to preserve some of them is imminent. There’s a lot going on in the … Continue reading

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Trail Walk

A main feature of the vacant lot we bought in 1993 was its proximity to Lake Macbride State Park. When we need exercise, or just want to get away from the house, it’s a short walk to the trail that … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Changes

I took five sessions with a nutritionist and wellness professional, once individually and four times as part of a group. I email her questions and she quickly emails answers back. Based mostly on blood test results, the clinic diagnosed me … Continue reading

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Sunday Drive for Ice Cream

Sunday afternoon I was getting cabin fever so I drove to Ely, bought gasoline, played Powerball, and bought a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream. It is six miles to Dan and Debbie’s Creamery where I shop a couple … Continue reading

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