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Armistice Day at Home

Most of Armistice Day was at home. The forecast had been rain, however, a clear fall day unfolded and I planted garlic. Pushing cloves into the ground with my thumb and index finger, I made two rows and covered them … Continue reading

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Vacation Days

It’s a crash landing after the apple harvest and a summer working almost every day at the orchard or the home, farm and auto supply store. Time to sleep, read and rest. Four days off work is not enough to … Continue reading

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Overnight Soup

In our search for truth and meaning there’s nothing like making soup. Each batch can be spontaneous yet based in traditional flavors and processes. Soup uses what comes in from the garden, is stored in the pantry and ice box, … Continue reading

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Providers Turning to Protectors and Buying Guns

Financial inequality is impacting society by making men protectors of what limited resources each family has. I know few people who are increasing their wealth in the post-Reagan era. The rich get richer and the rest of us pay for … Continue reading

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Fall Work Session

Continuous daily work shifts since July 31 have taken their toll. It’s  been challenging to find time for mowing, cleaning, repairs and household chores. It’s also been hard to get enough sleep. And to write. I need time to take … Continue reading

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Three Cup Day

Today will require an extra cup of coffee. This week is the biannual vendor show at the home, farm and auto supply store. We’ll be short staffed today and tomorrow while associates from Iowa and Wisconsin travel to Dubuque to … Continue reading

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Hurricane Weekend

Rain tapped the bedroom window this morning on the fringe of Hurricane Harvey. It was a reminder of our connection to the oceans. They are absorbing heat from the atmosphere on a planet experiencing some of its warmest days in … Continue reading

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