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Farmers Came to Town

The soybean harvest was disrupted by snowfall. Several inches fell in the last 48 hours. Farmers came to town, including to the home, farm and auto supply store. It will be a wet crop, propane prices are already higher. The … Continue reading

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October Snow

What should we make of Tuesday’s October snowfall? Not much, I guess. It was another day in the neighborhood, where melting snow delayed yard and garden work, and a final mowing with grass clipping collection. It’s unclear whether further mowing … Continue reading

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Post-frost Planting

After missing last year I planted garlic on Oct. 15. A couple of clear days dried the ground sufficiently to mow the plot, turn it, and put seeds in the ground. I increased the number of rows from two to … Continue reading

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First Frost

Daylight remained as I drove into the driveway after a shift at the orchard. If the garden appeared scorched by the previous night’s first frost, some tomato plants survived and the kale looked resilient. The weather forecast is a couple … Continue reading

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Errand Day

When we had insufficient income to pay bills few errands were run. We made almost no home repairs, delayed maintenance on everything, and minimized activities that required resources not on hand. Now that our retirement income is set, and supplemented … Continue reading

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Autumn Transitions

Leaves of deciduous trees are turning to autumn. Despite the changing season there was local lettuce, bell peppers, radishes, kohlrabi and tomatoes to make a fresh salad with last night’s pasta dinner. I made the pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes … Continue reading

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Church for Liberals

Was yesterday’s gathering of a couple thousand people to support school strikers for climate action the equivalent of Evangelical Christian mega-churches? Maybe. Drawn to Iowa City by the arrival of 16 year-old Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, people attended the … Continue reading

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