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A Role for Tall Grass Prairie

Reading a book about tall grass prairie and savannas has me wondering why people bother preserving them. Prairie used to cover more than 85 percent of Iowa land, according to the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge. Today less than one … Continue reading

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Potluck Luncheon

It runs counter to the Western Christian tradition but employees at the home, farm and auto supply store held a potluck luncheon on Ash Wednesday. While others were submitting to dust from a priest’s thumb, my co-workers were feasting on … Continue reading

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Used Book Sale and Other Necessities

Yesterday was the annual used book sale at our library. In addition to clearing the stacks of unpopular or outdated books, the community donates books, media and labor to manage the sale. Each item is reasonably priced and this year’s … Continue reading

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Living a Terrestrial Astronaut Life

I opened the door to the garage and turn signals on my car were flashing. It was the first time in the garage yesterday and I feared having left something turned on, depleting the battery charge. I put the key … Continue reading

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Wind Howled All Day

The store manager from the home, farm and auto supply store phoned Sunday afternoon to ask me to work on Monday. The colleague who assumed my full time job last spring was visiting family in Nebraska and bad weather closed … Continue reading

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Hard Winter

This weird weather is unsettling. Wild variations in temperature made it a damaging winter… it’s not over. The driveway buckled a few feet from the garage door because of temperature swings. Water must be trapped underground with inadequate drainage before … Continue reading

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Moving the Goal Posts

More than at any previous time I feel a goal line was crossed when I left full time work last spring. So what’s next? I don’t anticipate buying a fancy television with new, matching easy chairs to put in front … Continue reading

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