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Rise of Nuclear Power was a Bad Idea

In a broader perspective, the rise of nuclear power was a bad idea. It always required substantial government subsidies, and there is no solution for handling spent fuel rods and radioactive equipment. If there is a disaster like Fukushima Daiichi … Continue reading

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On Our Own into 2017

In this final 2016 post it was easier than last year to outline my writing plans. The work I do to pay bills and support my writing has been tough mentally and physically. To cope with an aging frame and … Continue reading

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Iowa’s Campaign to Stop New Nuclear Power

Prepared remarks delivered by Paul Deaton at the Iowa City Public Library on the 68th Anniversary of Hiroshima, Aug. 6, 2013. Thank you Maureen McCue for the kind introduction. I want to recognize some of our colleagues in this work … Continue reading

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Iowa Pulls the Plug on Nuclear Power

Pursuit of new nuclear power in Iowa was a bad idea when then governor Tom Vilsack began promoting it, and remains so. MidAmerican Energy’s announcement in the Des Moines Register today, that the utility “has scrapped plans for Iowa’s second … Continue reading

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Vilsack’s Energy Policy Legacy

LAKE MACBRIDE— Does Tom Vilsack’s 2007 consulting agreement with MidAmerican Energy matter any more? It does, but not in the way conservative pundits characterized it, as a form of political corruption, after President Obama appointed Vilsack to his current job … Continue reading

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Saturday Miscellany

BIG GROVE TOWNSHIP— The editors are in Jamaica on vacation, so work at the newspaper was rearranged to finish the proof reading today and create tomorrow as my first day off paid work since Good Friday. The fill-in copy layout … Continue reading

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No New Nuclear Power in Iowa

WILTON—Dean Crist, vice president of regulatory affairs for MidAmerican Energy Company told a group estimated by the media at between 300-450 people last night, “we’re going to have to burn less coal because of environmental regulations, we need to replace … Continue reading

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