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At a Potluck Dinner

I sliced fresh cucumbers on the mandolin and dressed them with a mixture of olive oil, homemade apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper for the potluck. Not sure how much to take, I used all the Tasty Jade Asian cucumbers … Continue reading

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Cukes, Zukes and Yellow Squash

When I returned from the farm Sunday afternoon I transplanted a dozen broccoli plants in the garden. Reserving a couple to replace failures, I gave the rest to my neighbor. Continuing the minimal tilling experiment, I placed broccoli seedlings in … Continue reading

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Writing in Summer Rain

Thunderstorms have been rolling over all day bringing needed rain and a chance to get caught up indoors. I’m less freaked out about the amount of food processing ahead. There have been more cucumbers than normal and I canned the … Continue reading

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Bowl of Summer – Cucumber Salad

Cucumber salad is not even a recipe. Peel them, slice and put them in a bowl. Add thinly sliced onions, extra virgin olive oil and your favorite vinegar, then salt and pepper to taste. Mix gently then serve. It’s summer … Continue reading

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Going Without a Share

The change in our local food ecosystem from last summer to this is hard to fathom. We let go of the summer share from the Community Supported Agriculture projects to rely on our garden. It was a big step and … Continue reading

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Summer Harvest – 2018

It has already been a good year for our garden. We’re just getting started. Yesterday I picked first broccoli, along with cucumbers and cilantro. The ice box is jammed with garlic scapes, greens, beets, turnips, lettuce, sugar snap peas, celery, … Continue reading

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Garden Update July 2013

LAKE MACBRIDE— The summer weather has been as good as it gets, a reminder of what it was like as a child, with endless days to play in the sunlight, safe and without worry. This summer has been unforgettable. Besides … Continue reading

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