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Apple Season Seven in the Books

On a brilliant Autumn day I finished my seventh season at Wilson’s Orchard where I work in the sales barn. It has been a positive experience with my friends and co-workers Barb, Sara, Paul, Jack, Alex, Karen, and Kyle, as … Continue reading

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First Frost

Daylight remained as I drove into the driveway after a shift at the orchard. If the garden appeared scorched by the previous night’s first frost, some tomato plants survived and the kale looked resilient. The weather forecast is a couple … Continue reading

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Third Month of Apple Season

I picked low-hanging fruit from the Red Delicious apple tree last week. All that’s left is dangling red orbs high above the reach of my 20-foot ladder plus 10-foot picker. Most of those apples will fall to the ground for … Continue reading

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Apple Share

(Editor’s Note: This year I donated 350 pounds of Red Delicious apples to Local Harvest CSA for distribution in member shares. Here’s the note I wrote for weekly newsletter). The apples in your share are Red Delicious variety grown from … Continue reading

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Apple Harvest 2019

The view from atop the ladder was pretty good. Monday I began harvesting Red Delicious apples from a tree planted on Earth Day 1995. This tree outlasted three others planted the same day. Tuesday I completed a 350 pound donation … Continue reading

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Rainy Weekend of Apples and Michael Twitty

My Saturday and Sunday shifts at the orchard were cancelled because of almost continuous thunderstorms during the weekend. I’ll miss the income, although will get by. Saturday I canned the next batch of tomatoes. With the pantry containing 24 quarts … Continue reading

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Main Season Apples and Cookery

We’re in the main season at the apple orchard. We survived the madness of Honeycrisp weekend and can settle into some really great fruit like the four varieties of apples in the photo. The Robinette was complexly flavored and super-delicious. … Continue reading

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