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Gardening In Between Times

June’s last day marks the beginning of my hiatus from farm work. The orchard’s chief apple officer confirmed they need me in the sales barn this year. My manager emailed me back to set a starting date. Apple season is … Continue reading

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Big Weekend in the Garden

I returned nine empty seedling trays to the farm Sunday morning before my soil blocking shift. The empty trays reflected clear weather and dry enough soil for planting. I had been worried seedlings would get root bound. I think I … Continue reading

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Garden is Growing

I ran into a couple of neighbors at the well house while receiving a shipment of chlorine for our water treatment plant. They were checking to see if the dehumidifiers had dried out the well pit after the rain. They … Continue reading

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June 1 was a Garden Day

It was finally a day to spend outside in the yard and garden. I planted Kentucky Wonder Bush beans (Seed Savers Exchange, 65 days) and transferred beets, arugula, lettuce and parsley into a single row next to the summer squash … Continue reading

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Thursday Between Storms

The morning was brilliant. Not only the sun, but life all around us as I worked in the garden on what has become a rare sunny morning this season. The sky is now clouding up with scattered thunderstorms forecast this … Continue reading

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Gardening in a Wet Spring

Whether or not we get a garden in this year the stakes are not high. Much as I enjoy produce resulting from my labor, I could get along without it a for a year, or two, if I had to. … Continue reading

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Too Much Spring Rain

On a glorious spring Monday I began spading the next garden plot. The soil was too wet to work so I stopped after four feet. Excessive spring rain not only affects gardeners, farmers are feeling it too. Vegetable growers were … Continue reading

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