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Garden is Planted, Dinner is Served

Ambient temperature hit 91 degrees Sunday, about 20 degrees above historical average. The heat continues, drying the topsoil, creating want of rain. An idea once held — the garden should be planted by Memorial Day — is outdated. As early crops come … Continue reading

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Red Bell Pepper Soup

The abundance of tomatoes, bell peppers and onions is leading to a pot of soup featuring those ingredients. There is no recipe — I used ingredients already in the ice box. I cut up a bag of onion seconds and sauteed … Continue reading

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Chopped Salad

Summer’s abundant produce has us conjuring new recipes based on what’s available. We made a quick meal from leftover tomato-basil sauce, penne pasta made with lentils and the following salad. Cut zucchini and cucumber into quarter inch cubes and place … Continue reading

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Mining the Freezer

Our freezer shows a little space, but is still loaded with food. I grabbed a pint jar of pesto and about three dozen cherry tomatoes from the freezer, some Parmesan cheese from the ice box, and a box of farfalle … Continue reading

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Roasted Pepper Garlic Spread

The warehouse club sells packs of six 8-ounce bars of cream cheese. I bought one. A basic use-it-up strategy is to make a spread for crackers and bread for after work snacking or luncheon. It’s easy. Soften a bar of … Continue reading

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Leek and Potato Soup

LAKE MACBRIDE— Leeks at the grocery store looked particularly good so I bought one to make leek and potato soup. Leeks make incredible soup stock, so I always look forward to this once or twice a year meal. The ingredients … Continue reading

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Winter Spread

LAKE MACBRIDE— With approaching cold weather, and the year-end holidays, thoughts turn to entertaining and seasonal, celebratory fare. Spreads and on crackers today. At the end of the garden there are bits and pieces: bell and hot peppers, tomatoes, kale, … Continue reading

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