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2019 Summer Reading

The myth of relaxing on a towel at a beach, sunglasses and sunscreen on, reading a book may not exist for most of us in Iowa. The beach nearest us has been closed in recent seasons because of the risk … Continue reading

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End of the Garden

It’s down to eggplant, green beans, peppers, butternut squash and kale as the garden winds down in late summer. Four crates of tomatoes remain to be used, and the ice box, storage shelves and freezer are nearing capacity. The next … Continue reading

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Returning to the Trail

I view trail hiking with trepidation. Since entering a low-wage work world a few years ago, where standing for long shifts on concrete floors contributed to plantar fasciitis, I haven’t jogged and reduced the amount of trail hiking I do. … Continue reading

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Holiday Weekend

Since 2013 I’ve worked at the apple orchard on Labor Day. The holiday coincides with ripening of Honeycrisp apples which is one of our most popular varieties. There are more than a dozen others, including Gala, McIntosh, Red Gravenstein, Burgundy, … Continue reading

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Taking a Deep Dive

It’s raining as I type on the keyboard. Rain is to relent and I hope it does because one of the farmers for whom I work is getting married today. In our small family there are not many celebrations. I’m … Continue reading

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Late Summer in Iowa

A pall fell on Iowa as the family prepares for tomorrow’s funeral of Mollie Tibbetts, the 20 year-old college student who was murdered near Brooklyn, Iowa. Many of us feel a connection to her whether we knew her or not. … Continue reading

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Writing in Summer Rain

Thunderstorms have been rolling over all day bringing needed rain and a chance to get caught up indoors. I’m less freaked out about the amount of food processing ahead. There have been more cucumbers than normal and I canned the … Continue reading

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