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Five Jumps and a Good Mechanic

One of my work buddies is a mechanic and Vietnam veteran. He was a mechanic during the war although it’s his brother who now operates an auto shop in the county seat. He is active in the American Legion and … Continue reading

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Providers Turning to Protectors and Buying Guns

Financial inequality is impacting society by making men protectors of what limited resources each family has. I know few people who are increasing their wealth in the post-Reagan era. The rich get richer and the rest of us pay for … Continue reading

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On Our Own into 2017

In this final 2016 post it was easier than last year to outline my writing plans. The work I do to pay bills and support my writing has been tough mentally and physically. To cope with an aging frame and … Continue reading

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Couple Hours to Myself

Hope regular readers are well tolerating my posts from Blog for Iowa. They are different from what I normally write here, but then none of us is one-dimensional — I hope. I got off work at the orchard a couple … Continue reading

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Plasma Sales and Iowa Politics

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was written for On Our Own: Sustainability in a Turbulent World in 2013 and has been corrected and updated). The Cumulus radio station in Cedar Rapids was advertising how a person could earn up to $340 … Continue reading

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Breaking Fast

After a week, I’m coming up for air. Our daughter visited for four days — just over 96 hours. Once she was safely returned home, I was incapacitated with a headache, fever and dizziness for a full 48 hours. Of course … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just About Wages

It’s time for a new discussion about wages. People who harp about hourly wages are tedious and mostly fooling themselves. The economic instinct in society should be and is making a decent life from what we have and are given. … Continue reading

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