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Low Wage Work, the South Side and Me

The benefit of working in a low wage job is exposure to lives I wouldn’t otherwise know exist. Every work day someone’s car has been repossessed, an abusive spouse called an associate at work, or someone lost their apartment with … Continue reading

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Shopping in Coralville

I went on a shopping trip yesterday. What of it, readers may ask. People go shopping all the time and some say our economy is predicated on consumers shopping. That may be, however, in an hour and 12 minutes I … Continue reading

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Bringing Food Home

A relationship with food in American society is complicated. Some don’t have enough. Others are awash in calories. We each have a human need for nourishment and the ways we go about meeting it are as different as the families … Continue reading

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Five Jumps and a Good Mechanic

One of my work buddies is a mechanic and Vietnam veteran. He was a mechanic during the war although it’s his brother who now operates an auto shop in the county seat. He is active in the American Legion and … Continue reading

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Providers Turning to Protectors and Buying Guns

Financial inequality is impacting society by making men protectors of what limited resources each family has. I know few people who are increasing their wealth in the post-Reagan era. The rich get richer and the rest of us pay for … Continue reading

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On Our Own into 2017

In this final 2016 post it was easier than last year to outline my writing plans. The work I do to pay bills and support my writing has been tough mentally and physically. To cope with an aging frame and … Continue reading

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Couple Hours to Myself

Hope regular readers are well tolerating my posts from Blog for Iowa. They are different from what I normally write here, but then none of us is one-dimensional — I hope. I got off work at the orchard a couple … Continue reading

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