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Working Through a Local Food Learning Curve

I didn’t know where bartering labor for local food would lead. In retrospect, it was not about economics, but learning, access to a greenhouse and participating in farm life. This Feb. 1, 2013 email to Susan Jutz, one of the … Continue reading

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Apple Share

(Editor’s Note: This year I donated 350 pounds of Red Delicious apples to Local Harvest CSA for distribution in member shares. Here’s the note I wrote for weekly newsletter). The apples in your share are Red Delicious variety grown from … Continue reading

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Hot Weather Harvest

On a fine summer day conditions were perfect to harvest hay and garlic. My CSA friends recruited volunteers to bring in the garlic and across the county farmers were baling hay in large round and small rectangular bales. On Independence … Continue reading

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Garlic Harvest 2019

In a year of weird weather, garlic suddenly became ready to pull at Sundog Farm. Some cloves began to burst and if the farmers couldn’t figure out exactly why, they decided to harvest it all before any more went past … Continue reading

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Storm at Night

A thunderstorm with potential to create a tornado arrived about 8:45 p.m. last night. As the front of the cell moved over our house, we went to the lower level and waited in a safe corner, staying tuned to reports … Continue reading

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Unexpected Monday

Monday didn’t happen as expected. There were three things involving arborists, health care and farming. Without announcement, the arborist arrived to take down a maple tree I planted on the northwest corner of the house. Turns out I didn’t know … Continue reading

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40 Acres Sans Mule

There is nothing magical about 40 acres in the 21st Century. Today’s American farmers can make a living on much less, largely because of crop diversification, technology, and emerging markets for locally grown food. For a beginning specialty-crop farmer, 40 … Continue reading

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