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Organic Food’s Sticky Wicket

When people think of local food, most have seasonal sweet corn and tomatoes in mind. That hasn’t changed much in years. The quest for good-tasting food that does no harm has also been around for a long time. Organic food … Continue reading

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Seedling Season Ends

Yesterday I made the last 62 trays of soil blocks at Sundog Farm (Local Harvest CSA) and Wild Woods Farm. Totaling 946 trays or roughly 110,000 individual seedling soil blocks, I made more than in any previous season. Adding Wild … Continue reading

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Breaking the Back of Local Food Farmers

What could break the back of the local food system? Lack of affordable individual health insurance policies. Finding and funding health insurance is a key pivot point for local food farmers when considering remaining in business. If they can’t afford … Continue reading

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First Share

After work at the home, farm and auto supply store I drove to the farm and picked up the first spring share. In it were spinach, baby kale, Bok Choy, Choi Sum, broccoli raab, rhubarb, oregano and garlic chives. Already … Continue reading

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Goats of Easter

The sound of bleating lambs pierced the air during yesterday’s shift at the farm. It was a sad sound because we know their destiny. Above is a photo of goats instead. I made 60 trays of soil blocks for the … Continue reading

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Weekend in the Field

The weather on Saturday was perfect for getting into the field. Wind had dried the ground making it tillable. In the cycle of community supported agriculture projects, now is the time to plant onions — a key crop to share with … Continue reading

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Iowa Water Quality and Confirmation Bias

Progressives, farmers and environmentalists heard there is movement in the Iowa legislature to fund water quality and ears perked up — a natural impulse to interpret new events as supporting something we already believe or are working on, also known … Continue reading

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