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Juke Box – Jessica

Going into a long weekend of spring catching up. I’ll return to regular posts soon. Here’s one of my fave recordings of Rickey Betts playing Jessica. I heard The Allman Brothers Band play the song at the University of Iowa … Continue reading

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A Prerecorded Life

In high school I worked part time at a discount department store called Turn-Style. Located on Brady Street near what was then the edge of town, the meager income enabled me to purchase a used Volkswagen Beetle and save money … Continue reading

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Music as a Young Man

My story includes music, especially as I left home in 1970 to begin university. College began a period of adventure and learning that extended through my return to Iowa City in 1980 and subsequent marriage in 1982. In following years … Continue reading

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Music Trails

After writing yesterday’s post I located the Yamaha guitar I bought for $300 in 1970. It was under the bed, covered in dust, with two broken strings sticking out of the case. I opened it, saw the guitar was virtually … Continue reading

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Where Music Lived

During the last couple of decades the role of music in my life diminished. There was no plan, it happened on its own, without a recognizable nudge. My guitars and banjo are tucked in safe places around the house, protected … Continue reading

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We don’t have mountains in Iowa. There are only so many cliffs. The idea of a landslide conjures something abstract and usage is mostly related to politics and the hope of a big win in the November general election. Politics … Continue reading

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Juke Box – Build Me Up Buttercup

I’m on hiatus for a while to take care of the garden and other necessities. In the meanwhile, enjoy this song from the Foundations. “Why do you build me up, buttercup baby, just to let me down?”

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