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A Role for Tall Grass Prairie

Reading a book about tall grass prairie and savannas has me wondering why people bother preserving them. Prairie used to cover more than 85 percent of Iowa land, according to the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge. Today less than one … Continue reading

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In the Odd Year

Our county Democratic party held it’s odd-numbered year meeting last night. We had little choice in the matter as the call came from state Democratic party chair Troy Price: The Iowa Democratic Party calls upon each County Party to hold … Continue reading

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Potluck Luncheon

It runs counter to the Western Christian tradition but employees at the home, farm and auto supply store held a potluck luncheon on Ash Wednesday. While others were submitting to dust from a priest’s thumb, my co-workers were feasting on … Continue reading

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Political Funnel Land

Monday’s date was written on an almost completed to-do list. I failed to figure out why. I think it was because South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg held two public events in the county seat. At 2:30 p.m. he was hosted … Continue reading

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Used Book Sale and Other Necessities

Yesterday was the annual used book sale at our library. In addition to clearing the stacks of unpopular or outdated books, the community donates books, media and labor to manage the sale. Each item is reasonably priced and this year’s … Continue reading

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Will Lady Conductors Sing Karaoke for Kim Jong Un?

The main nuclear weapons threat on earth is increasing tension between the United States and Russia over Syria, Ukraine, Crimea and other issues. Not far behind is the ongoing dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. Either conflict, if escalated … Continue reading

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Bird of Prey

There was no time to stop and get a photograph. While eastbound on Highway 382, a large bird lifted from the ground within my headlights and dropped a recently killed rabbit. It hesitated, perhaps wanting to return to its prey, … Continue reading

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