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Thursday Between Storms

The morning was brilliant. Not only the sun, but life all around us as I worked in the garden on what has become a rare sunny morning this season. The sky is now clouding up with scattered thunderstorms forecast this … Continue reading

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Garden is Planted, Dinner is Served

Ambient temperature hit 91 degrees Sunday, about 20 degrees above historical average. The heat continues, drying the topsoil, creating want of rain. An idea once held — the garden should be planted by Memorial Day — is outdated. As early crops come … Continue reading

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The Best Days

LAKE MACBRIDE— These are the best days. Partly cloudy, temperatures around 70, low humidity and plenty of outside work. We enjoy them when we can. It’s not to say there is complete escape from the troubles of the world. Yet, … Continue reading

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Garden Work

LAKE MACBRIDE— Today was the first real work session in the garden and I cleaned up two of the plots, built my burn pile, evened out the ground near where the backhoe dug to fix the waterline leak last fall, … Continue reading

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