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Build the Fire House

I encourage readers to contribute financially to the fund to build a new fire station. During my four years as a Big Grove Township Trustee, where part of our work was to manage the Solon Tri-Township Fire Department, it became … Continue reading

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Last Winter as a Township Trustee

BIG GROVE TOWNSHIP — The Big Grove Township Trustees don’t sell many grave plots. One of our responsibilities is a pioneer cemetery called Fackler’s Grove where no one has been interred for several generations. Oakland Cemetery, near the City of … Continue reading

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Letter to the Solon Economist

If you have been thinking of running for elected office, a slot is open on the ballot in Big Grove Township. Mark Haight is the lone candidate seeking re-election as township trustee for two open seats. Mark has unique skills … Continue reading

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Meeting at the Cemetery

BIG GROVE TOWNSHIP— There was trouble last night at the cemetery, the first such trouble since I was elected township trustee. It had to do with who could be buried in whose plot, and the trustee who coordinates plot sales … Continue reading

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Township Weekend

BIG GROVE TOWNSHIP— Memorial Day weekend is a big one for the township trustees, in that we help manage the fire station, where the annual firefighters breakfast took place this morning, and the cemetery, where the American Legion will hold … Continue reading

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Maintaining a Pioneer Cemetery

FACKLER’S GROVE— What should be done with an old cemetery? Fackler’s Grove is a pioneer cemetery that has not been used for interment for more than a hundred years. There are that many years of neglect. The remains of George … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2013

BIG GROVE TOWNSHIP— In May 2011 I wrote a post on Blog for Iowa that represents my thoughts about Memorial Day. This morning’s rainy forecast brought no new ideas on the topic, so read it there if you have an … Continue reading

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