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Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

A gardener and farm worker has access to lots of summer vegetables, especially “farm seconds.” It is difficult to use them up before they turn to compost. The recipe for roasted red pepper and tomato soup is simple and the results … Continue reading

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Saturday at Home

After a Saint Patrick’s Day meetup with friends in Iowa City I drove home, parked my car in the garage and haven’t moved it since. It was too cold for outside work on Saturday so I stayed in, did laundry, … Continue reading

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Poblanos, Onions and Pickles

JOHNSON COUNTY, Iowa — In the margins of time between social engagements lives a local food movement available to all who seek it. There is inadequate time in life’s span to become an enthusiast, however pursuit of local food culture … Continue reading

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Roasted Pepper Garlic Spread

The warehouse club sells packs of six 8-ounce bars of cream cheese. I bought one. A basic use-it-up strategy is to make a spread for crackers and bread for after work snacking or luncheon. It’s easy. Soften a bar of … Continue reading

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Serrano, Bangkok and Jalapeno Hots

LAKE MACBRIDE— It’s a home work day and planting was on the agenda. It began with preparing the soil next to the slicer tomatoes, and planting a row each of Serrano, Bangkok and Jalapeno peppers. I mulched and fenced them, … Continue reading

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Spinach Picking and Pepper Planting

LAKE MACBRIDE— There is a lot of spinach in the garden. The trick is to harvest it before the sun gets high in the sky. I got a bushel this morning, and it is washed and drying between terry cloth … Continue reading

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