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Thursday Between Storms

The morning was brilliant. Not only the sun, but life all around us as I worked in the garden on what has become a rare sunny morning this season. The sky is now clouding up with scattered thunderstorms forecast this … Continue reading

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First Dig

On Monday I inspected the garden plots and the ground remained too cold and wet. Later in the week I made the first dig and the soil was clean of frost the 10-inch length of the divot. There were earthworms … Continue reading

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A Blustery Day with Lettuce

Holy cats it was windy yesterday! My to-do list was long, the weather sunny and dry, and danger for frost long past. It was time to focus on planting. The blustery day took its toll long before everything was erased … Continue reading

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First Spade of Soil

The first spadeful of earth was waterlogged. There was no frost more than a foot deep, so I’ll be ready to plant lettuce March 2. My maternal grandmother called this planting “Belgian lettuce.” I follow the tradition whenever conditions permit. … Continue reading

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Garden Fences

Here’s what is surprising. The vegetables outside the garden fences are mostly untouched by rabbits, deer and other critters. Some behind fences are getting nibbled. Who knew I could leave lettuce, turnips, carrots, radishes, spinach and other plants unfenced and … Continue reading

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Hacking Through

It’s been a tough couple of weeks complicated by a lingering and persistent impulse to void the rheum of excess mucus. I don’t feel ill for the most part, but the coughing has been terrible. Missing work without sick pay … Continue reading

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Spring Work Day

After delays, the early lettuce is planted in two places. I raked a small patch of ground and broadcast four varieties with maturity days of from 45 to 50, and finished it with broadcast turnip seeds. If all goes well … Continue reading

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