Kitchen Garden

First Dig

Abandoned Silo

On Monday I inspected the garden plots and the ground remained too cold and wet.

Later in the week I made the first dig and the soil was clean of frost the 10-inch length of the divot. There were earthworms too. We’re getting close.

I finished pruning the apple trees and began to make a burn pile.

At the farm I planted:


Bloomsdale Long Standing, Ferry – Morse, 45 days.
Teton Hybrid, Ferry – Morse, 50 days.


Buttercrunch, Ferry – Morse, 70 days.
Black Seeded Simpson, Ferry – Morse, 45 days.

Everything planted in the greenhouse has germinated, except the parsley.

Summary: Total of five trays in the greenhouse and all appear to be doing well. The ground should be ready for digging a row of earlies (lettuce, carrots, turnips and beets) this week.