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Racing to Sunset

A text message came March 20 while I was stopped at a traffic light in North Liberty. “In total we need 22 120s this week so you actually might be able to do it all tonight!” It was 4: 51 … Continue reading

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First Spade of Soil

I turned the first spade of garden soil Saturday. In a couple of hours I removed cages, stakes and last year’s brush from the cherry tomato patch, turned over and broke up the soil, planted six kinds of lettuce, and … Continue reading

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Erasing the White Board

Snow fell in darkness leaving a thin blanket of white. The pin oak tree began shedding last year’s foliage indicating warm weather activated new leaf buds and pushed out the old. Seems weird to rake leaves in February. More to … Continue reading

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Belgian Lettuce and Garden Update

Today is the day to plant Belgian lettuce according to my late maternal grandmother. Not a specific variety, any lettuce seed will do. March 2 planting makes it “Belgian” in a way someone who grew up in a Minnesota-Polish farming … Continue reading

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