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Retail Rumors

After work at the home, farm and auto supply store I stopped at the warehouse club to get a few groceries. Shopping there is never a quick in and out because of my relationships with people from when I worked … Continue reading

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Winter Rain

We have yet to see our first winter snowstorm. Some of my neighbors would be fine if temperatures never got below freezing. As a gardener, I know the value of a long, deep freeze in killing insects, and enabling tree … Continue reading

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Overcoming Inertia

When I left full time work March 16 I had no expectations. After all, there was work at two farms in spring and early summer, and fall weekend shifts at the orchard, all to keep me busy. That’s along with … Continue reading

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Holiday Writing

In May 1972, in the English Philosophy Building of the University of Iowa, professor David Morrell held up a copy of the book he published the previous year and asserted it represented the future of modern American fiction. My high … Continue reading

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Ice on the Lakes

On early morning walkabout the moon and stars were out, casting silvery light on me and everything. Yesterday a thin layer of ice rested on the lakes, its mirrored surface perfect for skating if it thickens. Based on the forecast, … Continue reading

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This is not France

We see a lot of customers wearing yellow safety jackets at the home, farm and auto supply store. Mostly they seek something to complete a project. Road crews, construction workers, and tradesmen of every kind stop in wearing the bright, … Continue reading

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No Going Back to Coal

On Aug. 10, 2016, Donald Trump appeared at a campaign event about 50 miles from my father’s home place in southwestern Virginia. He asserted coal miners would have one “last shot” in the election, cautioning that the coal industry would … Continue reading

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