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We’ve Got to Do Something

Over the weekend Erin Murphy, a Lee Enterprises Des Moines based reporter, said it was quiet in Iowa’s congressional primary races. “Perhaps in the coming weeks and months, some of these quieter primary races will become more crowded,” Murphy wrote … Continue reading

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Independence Day 2019

Happy Independence Day… reluctantly. I’ve not been a fan of the Independence Day holiday since military service. It’s not that I paid much attention to it previously. As a military officer I had time to reflect on the meaning of … Continue reading

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Iran Deal Update

Except for the president and members of his administration, the world supports the Iran Deal negotiated by the Obama administration with key allies and Iran. On June 28, Austria, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, which are not … Continue reading

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Summer Reading 2019

For the next five weeks I’ll be covering weekdays for our editor Trish Nelson who is on summer break. This is my seventh year to provide summer posts, and more than ten years since I began posting at Blog for … Continue reading

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Iowa’s Medicaid Toothache

I worked as an admissions clerk at the University of Iowa Dental Clinic after graduate school. We saw patients from all around Iowa — wealthy patients with private insurance, indigents with limited means, and everyone in between. Anyone who came … Continue reading

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Independence Day 2018

Independence Day is an American holiday if there is one. A group of military veterans discussed participation in a local Independence Day parade via email. A member made this post: I will not participate in the July 4th parade. This … Continue reading

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Republicans are Bad at Law Making

Last Friday the Iowa Supreme Court overturned the 2017 law requiring a 72-hour waiting period before a woman could have an abortion. Here’s the money quote from Chief Justice Mark Cady, writing for the majority: “The state’s capacity to legislate … Continue reading

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