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Influenza, Viruses and Sickness in the Land

On Monday I went to the Urgent Care clinic for a persistent cold. After a thorough examination, and many questions about the trajectory of symptoms, doctor leaned against the counter in the small examination room and pronounced, “it’s viral.” It … Continue reading

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Letter to Iowa Senators on Graham Cassidy

I do not support Graham Cassidy and hope you will ask your senate colleagues to gather more information about the impact of the bill on Iowa populations before scheduling a vote. More specifically, 1. CBO score: Delay holding a vote … Continue reading

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Retirement Milestone

Today is my first day on Medicare. It’s no time for rejoicing. This category of mandatory spending by the federal government garners renewed attention with each new congress. With Republicans having majorities in the House of Representative and Senate, it … Continue reading

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Late Fall Near the Lake

The good news about finishing three full weeks at the home, farm and auto supply store is the company offers health insurance that meets the Internal Revenue Service “minimum value standard” for less money than coverage available through the government’s … Continue reading

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Filling the Tank

I looked at a live image of the inside of my large intestine on the monitor. It originated from a camera in the tip of a a colonoscope being operated by the physician who performed my first colonoscopy 11 or … Continue reading

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Blogging the ACA

When I had my first colonoscopy there was no President Obama, no Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, I hadn’t begun blogging, and I was on my employer’s health insurance plan. The company I worked for would have liked nothing … Continue reading

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No Winter January

We had a brief, light snowfall this month, and that’s it. With four days left in January, it seems unlikely winter as we know it will come. We have had the scenic vistas, frozen lakes and automobile crashes associated with … Continue reading

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