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Becoming by Michelle Obama

Becoming by Michelle ObamaMy rating: 4 of 5 stars What surprised me was the clarity with which Obama depicted a life on the South Side of Chicago and how it influenced her both while coming up and once she had … Continue reading

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Reading Books Again

Most of my reading has been on line since September, but no more. Instead of picking up my mobile device when I wake, I read at least 25 pages in a book. It is a positive development, born of new … Continue reading

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Book Review – A Sugar Creek Chronicle

In A Sugar Creek Chronicle: Observing Climate Change from a Midwestern Woodland Connie Mutel produced an engaging narrative of her efforts to cope with change while living on a parcel of Oak – Hickory forest in Northern Johnson County, Iowa. … Continue reading

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In Between Books

David Rhodes is one of my favorite fiction writers because he writes about my world, literally and figuratively. When he describes Highway 151 near Dubuque in Jewelweed, it resonates because I’ve been there. That kind of literary experience occurred in … Continue reading

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Book Reading

LAKE MACBRIDE— Long form reading was slight in 2014. A daily hour or two of reading articles from screens displaced reading books, and my reaction is mixed. Part of me wants there to be more long-form reading, and part of … Continue reading

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This Summer’s Reading

LAKE MACBRIDE— It is one thing to make a list of books to read during summer—quite another to actually read them. As I enjoy The Great Gatsby, the ultimate novel of summer, for the umpteenth time, the lists made previously … Continue reading

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One Less Used Bookstore

IOWA CITY— The number of used bookstores in the county is reduced by one. Murphy-Brookfield Books closed after 33 years in business, and its owners sold their historic stone building to the Haunted Bookshop. The deal is done and people … Continue reading

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