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Sunday Drive for Ice Cream

Sunday afternoon I was getting cabin fever so I drove to Ely, bought gasoline, played Powerball, and bought a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream. It is six miles to Dan and Debbie’s Creamery where I shop a couple … Continue reading

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Under a Spell

During the last couple of years I periodically went under a spell. I don’t mean something another human (or animal) cast on me, but a time of uneasy dizziness and disorientation when I wake. After a discussion with my physician, … Continue reading

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Last Spring Weekend Telephony

I don’t receive a lot of phone calls and am wary when one rings in. The breakout of inbound is something like 60 percent spam and unsolicited telemarketing, 20 percent political calls, and 20 percent humans with whom I need … Continue reading

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Storm at Night

A thunderstorm with potential to create a tornado arrived about 8:45 p.m. last night. As the front of the cell moved over our house, we went to the lower level and waited in a safe corner, staying tuned to reports … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Gutters

During Saturday morning rain gutters overflowed on both sides of the house. As soon as it stopped, I climbed up a ladder and cleaned them out. The blockage was mostly leaves from the pin oak tree which sheds them with … Continue reading

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Starting Spring

It felt good to be outdoors on Friday. The sky was clear and temperatures warmed enough to shed my coat. Green-up has begun. We filed our income taxes with the Iowa Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service. Earlier … Continue reading

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Used Book Sale and Other Necessities

Yesterday was the annual used book sale at our library. In addition to clearing the stacks of unpopular or outdated books, the community donates books, media and labor to manage the sale. Each item is reasonably priced and this year’s … Continue reading

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