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Hard to Find Common Ground with Trump

It’s been difficult to get a grip on our 45th president. I don’t mean a golf grip. His first six months in office have been so different from previous Republican presidents there is no comparison. It is important to relate … Continue reading

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Summer Turnips

This year was the nicest crop of turnips I’ve grown. Here’s a bowl I prepped for storage in the ice box. A few years back I started planting turnips for the greens to make canned vegetable broth. With this year’s … Continue reading

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Garden is Planted, Dinner is Served

Ambient temperature hit 91 degrees Sunday, about 20 degrees above historical average. The heat continues, drying the topsoil, creating want of rain. An idea once held — the garden should be planted by Memorial Day — is outdated. As early crops come … Continue reading

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Big Day in Big Grove

Sunrise is in half an hour and the high ambient temperature is expected upper 80s to low 90s this afternoon. I want to get as much garden work as possible finished before noon. That means only a few minutes in … Continue reading

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Old Boots in Service

The debate was whether or not Army boots acquired in the 1970s should be retired. I don’t think so. I placed a set of inserts inside and they are as comfortable for walking as any of the expensive sneakers I … Continue reading

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Hard Day and Easy Night

After hours in the kitchen garden much remained to be done after Saturday. Garden work began at 6 a.m. I moved to the kitchen at 3 p.m. and worked another four hours. I was steadily busy throughout waking hours with … Continue reading

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Community Organizing

Fellow members, I’m putting together a spring newsletter for inclusion in the June billing. Less than half the people who live in our association participate in the Facebook or Google Groups, so a newsletter is our chance to reach out … Continue reading

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