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Under the Weather

On a bleak, drizzly Sunday morning I visited our parents’ grave with my sister. Cemetery workers had piled sod on top of Mom’s grave with a carve-out for the foot stone designed to look like Father’s. We are waiting for … Continue reading

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Hard Break from Autumn

A hard break from autumn accompanied last week’s snowfall. Outdoors there is garden clean up, raking leaves, and another mowing to be done, however, we’ve turned mostly inside. A main issue has been determining how to get exercise without an … Continue reading

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October Snow

What should we make of Tuesday’s October snowfall? Not much, I guess. It was another day in the neighborhood, where melting snow delayed yard and garden work, and a final mowing with grass clipping collection. It’s unclear whether further mowing … Continue reading

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First Frost

Daylight remained as I drove into the driveway after a shift at the orchard. If the garden appeared scorched by the previous night’s first frost, some tomato plants survived and the kale looked resilient. The weather forecast is a couple … Continue reading

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Inventing a Cuisine

Who wants to reinvent home cooking every time they enter the kitchen? Here’s a better question, how can I work to be present in the kitchen and produce tasty, nutritious food for our family? While I have a strong memory … Continue reading

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Rainy Weekend of Apples and Michael Twitty

My Saturday and Sunday shifts at the orchard were cancelled because of almost continuous thunderstorms during the weekend. I’ll miss the income, although will get by. Saturday I canned the next batch of tomatoes. With the pantry containing 24 quarts … Continue reading

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Trail Walk

A main feature of the vacant lot we bought in 1993 was its proximity to Lake Macbride State Park. When we need exercise, or just want to get away from the house, it’s a short walk to the trail that … Continue reading

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