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Jambalaya Reprise

In a throwback to my work at a major logistics company I made a batch of vegetarian jambalaya for this week’s lunches. The dish was born in Thomas County, Georgia as I was sequestered in a hotel for four months … Continue reading

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Gratin Dauphinois

Saturday I decided to make a gratin. We have storage potatoes although it will soon be time to plant them in the garden. I’d been thinking about gratin for a week. Scouring cookbooks for a recipe, the dish appears to … Continue reading

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Sleeping In, Waking Up, What Next?

It’s 48 days until full retirement and I can’t wait to let loose from the lowly paid work that has sustained us for over two years. Completely ceasing work is not now, nor will it ever be in the cards. … Continue reading

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Sixty Nine Days

It’s sixty nine days until what I hope is my last day of work at the home, farm and auto supply store… and “full retirement.” The paradigm upon which we based our life in Big Grove shifted. We settled here … Continue reading

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After a Holiday Weekend

Three-day weekends are rare at the home, farm and auto supply store. However, this year the retail store was closed Monday for the Christmas holiday. I managed to get some things done. Mostly I slept, not understanding beforehand how much … Continue reading

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2017 in Big Grove

BIG GROVE TOWNSHIP — I found a quart jar of whole bean coffee in the pantry, ground a quarter cup, and made a pot with my French press — a bitter yet delicious treat while reflecting on the past year. … Continue reading

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Going Home – 2018

I’m going home now that my applications to the U.S. federal retirement program are approved. My first payment from Social Security is scheduled around Jan. 24, 2018. We both have health coverage through Medicare, a Medicare supplement policy, and a … Continue reading

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