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Wanting to Wake Up

At retirement plus 19 days I thought I’d be more productive. Yesterday, after a shift at my desk and an hour-long visit with a neighbor and a team of surveyors, I took a nap… with long, deep sleep. Groggy when … Continue reading

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Hurricane Weekend

Rain tapped the bedroom window this morning on the fringe of Hurricane Harvey. It was a reminder of our connection to the oceans. They are absorbing heat from the atmosphere on a planet experiencing some of its warmest days in … Continue reading

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Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

A gardener and farm worker has access to lots of summer vegetables, especially “farm seconds.” It is difficult to use them up before they turn to compost. The recipe for roasted red pepper and tomato soup is simple and the results … Continue reading

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Garden is Planted, Dinner is Served

Ambient temperature hit 91 degrees Sunday, about 20 degrees above historical average. The heat continues, drying the topsoil, creating want of rain. An idea once held — the garden should be planted by Memorial Day — is outdated. As early crops come … Continue reading

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Red Bell Pepper Soup

The abundance of tomatoes, bell peppers and onions is leading to a pot of soup featuring those ingredients. There is no recipe — I used ingredients already in the ice box. I cut up a bag of onion seconds and sauteed … Continue reading

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Chopped Salad

Summer’s abundant produce has us conjuring new recipes based on what’s available. We made a quick meal from leftover tomato-basil sauce, penne pasta made with lentils and the following salad. Cut zucchini and cucumber into quarter inch cubes and place … Continue reading

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Mining the Freezer

Our freezer shows a little space, but is still loaded with food. I grabbed a pint jar of pesto and about three dozen cherry tomatoes from the freezer, some Parmesan cheese from the ice box, and a box of farfalle … Continue reading

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