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We’ve Gotten All Climate-Changey

We have a problem with climate change. I don’t intend to get alarmist on fair readers with dire predictions of the end of the world as we know it. Even though doomsday stories are quite popular, and climate science is, … Continue reading

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Garden is Growing

I ran into a couple of neighbors at the well house while receiving a shipment of chlorine for our water treatment plant. They were checking to see if the dehumidifiers had dried out the well pit after the rain. They … Continue reading

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Cooking in the Climate Crisis

Ideas about how to cook are ubiquitous. Everyone — family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, chefs, dish washers, dieticians and scientists — has something to say about it. Almost everyone cooks. Talk about cooking can be devilishly engaging. Are there things we … Continue reading

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Gardening the Climate Crisis

Gardening is one of the most popular activities on the planet. Whether one lives in an apartment, in a single-family home, or on a farm, local food and flower production can be satisfying on multiple levels. A garden can be … Continue reading

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Unexpected Monday

Monday didn’t happen as expected. There were three things involving arborists, health care and farming. Without announcement, the arborist arrived to take down a maple tree I planted on the northwest corner of the house. Turns out I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Climate Change, Roundabouts and Retail Stores

During a tour of my usual spots to observe flooding it doesn’t look as bad as it has. In 2008, the flood waters came to within 100 yards of our home before receding. We are nowhere near that now. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Starting Spring

It felt good to be outdoors on Friday. The sky was clear and temperatures warmed enough to shed my coat. Green-up has begun. We filed our income taxes with the Iowa Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service. Earlier … Continue reading

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