Pearl Harbor Day 2020

North of the trail. Dec. 5, 2020.

On Dec. 7 I remember our neighbor Bill who continued to witness about the bombing of Pearl Harbor until his death in 1994. Those were days before we recognized something called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Rest in Peace, Bill.

A neighbor died of COVID-19 over the weekend. The neighborhood’s rate of infection by the coronavirus has me questioning the wisdom of exercising on the state park trail. On one hand, I understand how the virus is transmitted and have taken to wearing a face mask on the trail. On the other, it’s an exposure I simply don’t need as the pandemic peaks in Iowa. What I know for certain is I will go crazy if I don’t get outside over the remainder of fall and through winter.

I made a couple of work shifts of discovery while I was indoors. While I plan to write my autobiography in 2021, I’m also not in a hurry to proceed because there is so much material. Going through it takes time and if I seek to capture a life accurately, it is time well spent.

I’ll be spending this week getting a grip on the scope of the project. I’m not comfortable I understand what’s available to me yet. I’ll be doing that and determining how to exercise as the coronavirus pandemic yields a record number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Be well.