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Freezing Rain

Freezing Rain Jan. 11, 2020

It’s been tense the first days of 2020 as Iowa voters prepare for the upcoming election cycle.

I’m temporary chair of our precinct caucus and there is a lot to pull together before Feb. 3, including finding a new location after one was cancelled last week. There are 23 days left until the caucus yet that’s just the beginning of what is expected to be an absorbing political year.

Politics will dominate social discourse if we let it. The U.S. Senate trial of the president, the remainder of the current session of the U.S. Supreme Court, the June primary elections, the Democratic National Convention, and then the November general election will make the time pass quickly. In the middle of that, our country’s foreign policy appears non-existent, creating tension in the Middle East, South Asia, and with China and Russia. It is the second session of the 88th Iowa General Assembly where Republicans hold majorities in both chambers of the legislature. They convene on Monday and are expected to further their conservative agenda. That’s only politics. I haven’t forgotten about climate change.

I also have a life with a to-do list filled with many items that are not optional. If 2020 has been tense at the beginning, it will continue to be so throughout the year.

That’s not to say we should all freak out!

The tips of long evergreen boughs touched the ground near the lane leading to the highway. Because of immeasurable leaf surface, they collected more weight in freezing rain than they could handle. Some broke from the trunks of trees and were scattered along the lane.

It’s expected to warm above freezing again so the count toward fruit tree dormancy will have to be reset before pruning. Maybe by the end of this rapidly filling month.

Meanwhile, snow has begun to fall.