Walkabout #4

Hydrant near the village well.

I unlocked the door to the village well for two technicians. Today’s task was short: they drew raw water samples from the Silurian aquifer for analysis. We didn’t chat much. I stayed outdoors while they worked because the coronavirus is surging.

It has been cold with about six inches of snow on the ground. I stay on paths that have been cleared so I don’t turn an ankle. That means I started a compost bucket in the garage until the path to the composter near the garden is clear. Winter is just beginning. We are heading into a cold spell with subzero temperatures forecast the rest of the week.

There are limits to how long I can work at my writing table. I acquired provisions to last two weeks during a trip to a local commercial center. Maskless minions were everywhere. Luckily, there were few of them out early in the morning and I could avoid them. Bloomberg is reporting the U.S. today exceeded one million COVID infections in 24 hours, doubling the figure from just four days ago and setting a global record.

I appreciate being able to go on walkabout. Even if it is only to visit the village well.

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Reading this short post slowed my morning followed-blog catch-up. By intent, magic, or chance you touched on some deep images with your account: wells (at least in a lot of European folk-myths) as sites of special significance, community, responsibility, knowledge and secrets.
My imagination/memory was so fired up, I had to go and listen to Dave Van Ronk’s version of “Jesus Met the Woman at the Well” as soon as I finished reading this.

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