Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce

Editors Note: This is from a work file that resulted in the photograph and related art pieces. The main object was a mason jar with a print of this photograph and a poem inside. The poem can be found by clicking here. I was employed at Amoco Oil Company at 200 East Randolph Street in Chicago on Oct. 27, 1990 when I wrote this. By leaving work with an Iowa-based transportation and logistics firm I really had cut the cord on my Iowa roots, intending to go on living with our small family in Indiana or wherever life took us. Part of that new life would be what I called creative endeavor, or creative work with specific outputs. This piece marks a significant commitment to creativity. The text below is transcribed from my hand written notes without changes. It is only part of the document.

This piece is about hot sauce, but about more than that. It is about my vision as a person, family member and citizen of the global village for the next five years. But it is about my recipe for hot sauce, how I first learned it, and about my philosophy of life and art. First there will be the mason jar. Acquired at auctions mostly, and stored in our house. A container in which to put hot sauce.

The photograph of the ingredients a moment in time with my camera in the sun. Specific pieces of vegetables that gain significance when I take their image down on film and reproduce it on film. The instructions, so someone could make the hot sauce, then my written piece about the genesis and my vision.

The aspects, combined with the mail package and handling by the U.S. Postal Service represent a product of my creative endeavor.The first creative work for presentation to my small group of friends.

Not true really. Next in a series of creative endeavors is more like it.

Coping with modern life. It is not easy. In modern life, I have chosen to be an original, and in so choosing, have limited my contact with people outside work. I have become accustomed to staying within the borders of our property here in Lake County. I have taken to gaining weight. I have a vision of being a creative person who makes a significant contribution to society. That has long been my goal. But as another warm season comes to a close, I see I have accomplished little. The work with Amoco takes much of my time. I need to do better, work smarter, to allow more time for these home activities.

And all the while I ponder these things we get older.

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