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It took the cable guy about 15 minutes to get us back on the internet nine days after another cable guy unknowingly cut the cable to our house.

The cable business does not use scientific protocols while conducting operations, apparently.

The technician tested the service from the main line and it was okay. The underground cable to the house was not. The tracked cable laying machine nicked the wire to our house and that of a neighbor. He dropped new cables for both of us and yet another cable guy will return in a week or so to bury it. No excuses now for not working.

No profound revelations from me nor did I experience any epiphanies while using my mobile device to get on line for nine days. It has been a backup plan and it worked better than going completely dark.

I wrote more in my paper journal and a couple of letters and cards. I was also able to write and submit an op-ed piece on the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on June 6 for the Cedar Rapids Gazette (Read it here tomorrow). It’s not often the newspaper contacts me for an op-ed so I figured out a way.

I read more poetry (check out my Reading List), worked in the garden, and bicycled. On Sunday I crashed the bicycle. A few abrasions resulted and sore shoulders. My ego suffered the most damage. I got back in the saddle Monday and reduced my speed from 18 to 12 miles per hour on those downhill slopes on the gravel trail. Now that I’ve had a crash I can stop worrying about having one.

There is a job in fixing the inefficiencies of business. My previous work in transportation and logistics was exactly that. All the same I have little interest in helping the cable guys do their work more efficiently. I’m just glad we have service again and ready to move on to what’s next.

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We’re out of electricity after the derecho blew through. Garden demolished, trees down and damaged. It’s like this all over the county. I’ll be posting again once the downed trees get taken care of and we have electricity in 3-6 days.
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