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Snapping Out of Coronavirus Funk

Eventually I will snap out of this coronavirus funk.

For weather and productivity this was the best spring I remember. The garden is doing great and I have time to give it daily attention. Without work commitments each day is mine. I spend more time outside and at the state park. I’ve gotten my bicycle out and ridden for the first time in years. The weather has been drop-dead gorgeous. What is the matter with me?

I live in a broader society that is going to hell in a hand basket.

My response is stay positive, although negativity drags on my spirits. It takes a village to make a life and when we are each isolated because of the coronavirus, it’s tougher to do.

Here are some photos from early summer to cheer us up.

Tasty Jade Cucumbers
Monarch Caterpillar
Wild Section of Garlic, Milkweed, Iris and other plants.
Sunrise above the garden, June 27, 2020.

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It is harder to stay cheerful without feedback from others, and seeing smiling faces, etc. But, the garden gives me pleasure and comfort, and I am blessed to have it when so many others do not…..Hang in there, better days will come.

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