Holiday Greetings

Holiday Scones

Thank you for reading,  following, liking and commenting on my posts. You helped make 2019 a record year for this place in cyberspace.

The holiday season began in our house with yesterday’s thirty-seventh wedding anniversary. We’ll make a pot of chili with cornbread for Christmas eve, then settle into the rest of the seasonal slowdown: noting my birthday a few days later, then arrival of the new year.

Whatever end of year holidays have become they also are  caesura in a life clinging to hope. There is a lot on the docket for next year. For now, it’s the in-between time and that’s good enough.

Best wishes for a peaceful season and a happy New Year from this writer in Iowa.

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Congrats on those many years together! Have a wonderful year and a great Christmas! By the way, I still have lots of Johns books! We raised $800 to defray funeral expenses for John’s family and delivered the cash last Saturday to his brother, Kenny Shumaker. Kenny was floored by the generosity of John’s friends and wasn’t expecting anything of the kind. Thanks for your generous check to help out with this, I appreciated the help and those who could make it to his memorial service were happy that someone had pulled it all together so they could have a moment to think about John. I felt rewarded in being able to take the time and put it together, so everybody is good!


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