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Will Trump Supporters Abide by 2020 Election Results?

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I read with interest Monte Whitlock’s exhortation in the Dec. 2 Cedar Rapids Gazette that, “every American should vote Republican next election.”

Despite the author’s assertions, I decline to follow his advice. He presented no evidence of his claims, and as a life-long Democrat I need to see something before changing my views.

What interests me is that he even wrote to the newspaper. Views like his are found more frequently in the realm of talk radio and cable news shows. Public engagement is a good sign that all hope for our governance is not lost. I disagree with what Whitlock said but don’t argue with his right to hold opinions and write about them. I’m glad he wrote to a newspaper to get his views in the public domain.

Solon, from which the author hails, is a place with a strong Trump following. One can count at least five blue and white Trump banners flying in front of homes here. It seems a bit early for yard displays, but the fandom is evident.

The main question I have is will Trump supporters abide by the 2020 general election if Democrats win? I hope so.

~ Published Dec. 9, 2019 as a letter to the editor of the Cedar Rapids Gazette