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Letter to the Johnson County Board of Supervisors

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Dear Lisa, Mike, Kurt, Janelle and Rod,

It’s funny how when one gets all the information the picture looks different.

Since I complained about the purchase of Dick Schwab and Katherine Burford’s property using conservation bond money after partial information was leaked via our local newspaper, I wanted to get back to you now that the purchase has been made public.

The fact Burford/Schwab donated the developed portion of the property mitigates my concern about how bond money is being used. In fact, because of that, the plan, as explained in the Press Citizen, complies with what I said in my March 7 email. “I hope and expect you to vote no on the acquisition of this property using conservation bond money.” My concerns are rendered moot because of the donation.

On reflection, this decision was a good one for which the board should be commended. It is also consistent with conversations I have had with Schwab about how he planned to dispose of his property.

While I continue to be dissatisfied by the partial leakage of information, I have no beef with you.

Thanks for your service on the board of supervisors.

Regards, Paul