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Watching it Rain

After the Rain

I’m sitting in the back of my pickup truck, the tailgate is down. Gentle summer rain is falling. The tips of my toes are getting wet but I don’t mind. We need the rain.

In Des Moines political parties are holding their conventions. I followed the action on social media, but not closely.

Breeze from the rain is cooling my forehead. It feels quite good. It is much better than working on a computer, or thinking about politics.

This afternoon I tried pulling weeds in the garden. The ground was so dry they broke off at the surface. Now, after this long gentle rain, the roots should loosen and weeding be done more easily.

Wind is blowing from the west and my knees are getting spattered with rain. I still don’t mind.

Dozens of birds are out in yards around the neighborhood. They don’t mind rain either. All of nature seems to welcome the rain.

Lightning and boomers are starting to roll in. The rain continues to fall gently and steadily.

Some nights it is best to just listen to the rain, and so I will tonight.

~ First posted June 16, 2012