First Pick of Potatoes

Fresh Potatoes

The leaves of potato plants are turning yellow so I dug one of our three tubs to see the progress. They are ready for harvest.

I’ll let others continue to grow until their leaves turn completely yellow. It won’t be long.

There is nothing like the discovery of beautiful spuds in the soil… except maybe eating them.

Deer found the garden and took a fancy to the heirloom squash plants and cucumbers. Enough of the cucumbers are protected inside cages so I’ll yield some. However, with the grocery store of our subdivision’s 25-acre woods I don’t know why deer have to eat our garden. It’s been worse, but I had great hope for the squash plants. They’re not completely gone, but well damaged.

Last night I met up with some blogger friends at a brew-pub in Coralville. The menu offered falafel tacos which seemed right up my alley and priced right at $5 for three. They were served on corn tortillas with a cabbage slaw. I use a recipe for baked falafel and this dish would be easily replicated in our kitchen. I predict it will be… soon.

Michigan cherries are available at the orchard and I’m planning to get some. It will be a good time to confirm my work there beginning when the season kicks off in August. Lodi apples are ready, although with 24 quarts of apple sauce in the pantry there’s no pressing need for this fine cooking apple.

The first broccoli pick is about finished. I’ll open the fence and look through the plants today and pick the main heads of what is left. This year I plan to get the plants out of the garden as soon as they finish producing. That’s a rule of thumb for cruciferous vegetables from my organic farmer friends. I’d like to plant a second broccoli crop. We’ll see how the day goes.

The forecast is expected to be in the mid-80s today so I’d better get back outside and finish the weeding before it gets too hot.