Living, Writing and Blogging

Putting on Soup Before Gardening

It’s 287 days until I plan to leave work at the home, farm and auto supply store and create a day job as a writer.

I had hoped to continue writing when I joined the retail outlet. However, it has proven difficult to work full time and write.

Living as best I can, I convert bits and pieces of experience and memory into 500-word dispatches. It’s a form of writing, but not what I seek.

Life the way we live it is raw material for creativity which is essential to living a good life. Through shared or common experiences we build bridges connecting disparate manifestations of humanity. Writing can be the glue that holds societies together. Lofty goal that.

It didn’t occur to me I needed a process. My posts have been native and raw. Quick slices of what’s on my mind in a moment. Little time was allowed for rewriting. Write, quick edit, post.

A couple of things would go into a writing process. Most important is memory of my span on Earth. Memory serves if I can focus.

Living is another aspect of a writer’s process. That includes reading, conversing with people and soaking up news from multiple sources. It also includes the physicality of a life.

The written pieces I kept date from 1966 until today. These artifacts seem important though there’s little use in rewriting them now because they are set in time. Too, I don’t want to make a compendium of them, except to sort and organize them for use as research material. How did I feel on that train to Vannes, France back in the 1970s? Why does it matter now?

Today’s process is based on a schedule. I do things in society then have times available to write. If I’m lucky, I do. Having life experiences and ideas hasn’t been an issue. Scheduling adequate time for writing and rewriting has.

The best I can do this Saturday afternoon is sit at the screen and type. After doing dinner prep and before Jacque returns home. I’m gaining readership and technical skills. Trouble is I want more.